PS5 Iron Man Arc Reactor Controller


Only 1 build allocation available!

The proof  Tony has a heart captured in a PS5 Controller.

Not built from a "Box of Scraps" Our arc reactor PS5 Controller is a fully functioning work of art. 

Introducing our proprietary Red Titanium Matte Finish. Bright in the light and dark in the shadows. We combined this new technology with our world famous High Gloss finish to make our Arc Reactor GLOW!  

This Iron Man Design features the arc reactor prominently on the touchpad. If you need something more protective check out our Iron Man Helmet design here: 

Whether you are planning to put this one in the showcase or get hours of play time out of it, we guarantee it will never loose its luster. This work of art is hand crafted with the industries finest matte and high gloss finishes, allowing for the perfect combination of flat and reflective paint styles to be showcased. 

  • NEW Proprietary, Red Titanium Matte Finish
  • 14 karat Gold Shape Buttons
  • 14 karat Gold D-Pad
  • 14 karat Gold Trim

Each custom luxury gaming controller comes complete with its own Serial Number and matching Certificate of Authenticity

Each luxury controller is hand crafted, custom painted, and painstakingly made specifically for you when the order is placed! Inside the original DualSense packaging you will also receive a FREE Cleaning Cloth and other special promotional items. The unparalleled prestige of a LaZa Modz Luxury Gaming Controller will make any Enthusiast, High-End Collector, or Special Gift Giver very proud. 

If you select to have your name etched into the controller we place it where it is always visible and easily legible below the Mic Mute Button.

Examples Below:

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