Steps To Complete The Send in Process

  1. Select the Design you desire from the available options and Complete your purchase.
  2. Print your invoice or write your order number on a note. (You will be including this in your box so when we receive your controller we will know it belongs to you)
  3. Package the controller securely in a box with bubble wrap, craft paper, or any other materials that will keep it safe during transit.
  4.  Ship the Controller to:
    LaZa Modz
    329 Church Street
    Wise Virginia 24293
  5. After you ship the controller email the tracking number and your order number to
  6. Once we receive your controller we will email you confirming we have received it.
  7. Processing begins after we receive the controller and inspect it. We will begin building your order soon after. (Build times are the same for send in orders as new orders)
  8. Once your order is complete, we will ship it back to you and update your account with tracking information.