PS5 Midas 18K Gold Custom Controller


You want exclusive? You got it! This 18K Gold flake is the real deal. Made with real flakes of 18 karat gold mixed into our paint and protected by our proprietary blend matte clear coat, this controller is the status symbol you've been looking for. You stopped scrolling to read this description, imagine the looks you will get when you are playing with this controller in person!

Each Midas controller is hand crafted, custom painted, and painstakingly made specifically for you when the order is placed! Sprayed front and back in 18K Gold, with custom gold buttons and Dpad, the only part that is not gold is the touchpad. The reason you ask? Because the real gold we use is conductive (metal) and will interfere with ability to read the touch input. Again, it's real gold and everyone that see it will know it, prepare for jealously! Our proprietary matte clear coat is the finest finish on the market. It is also included on the buttons. 


  • Matte Gold Flake Paint Design
  • Matte Black Touchpad
  • Matte Gold and Black Shape Buttons, and D-Pad
  • Matte Gold Trim
  • Retro PS Button

If you select to have your name etched into the controller we place it where it is always visible and easily legible below the Mic Mute Button.

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