PS5 Vintage PS3 Theme Custom Controller


The year is 2006. You're in school, waiting, just waiting for the final bell to ring. When it  does you have one thing on your mind... Pub-stomping Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Multiplayer! Our Vintage PS3 Controller is designed to replicate the famous machine itself, the PS3 Console that combined Glossy Black, with Silver Metallic and Matte Black. What a combo! 

Each Vintage PS3 controller is hand crafted, custom painted, and painstakingly made specifically for you when the order is placed! Our matte clear coat is the flattest, no shine, and non-reflective finish on the market and when combined with the High Gloss on this controller, its a show stopper! 


  • Matte Black Paint Design
  • High Gloss Black Touchpad
  • High Gloss Retro Button colors, and D-Pad
  • High Gloss Silver Trim
  • Retro PS Button

If you select to have your name etched into the controller we place it where it is always visible and easily legible below the Mic Mute Button.

Examples Below:

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