PS5 Joker Custom Controller


Only 1 build allocation available!

Everyone's favorite villain has infiltrated the PS5 scene. The Joker PS5 Custom Luxury gaming controller is inspired by the iconic colors of the Jokers suit. Deep, rich, Purple matches the Jacket and Pants. Dark Green trim was chosen to parallel Jokers green vest. To top off the design we took a page directly out of the Jokers playbook and painted the touchpad white, just as the mad man himself does. Pair this Joker controller with our Dark Gray or Retro Batman controller to complete your collection and really set yourself apart from other collectors and enthusiasts. 

  • Matte Purple and Green Joker Design
  • Glossy Green and Black D-Pad 
  • Glossy Black and Green accented Shape buttons.
  • Glossy Purple PS Button
  • White Joker face Touchpad

Each custom luxury gaming controller comes complete with its own Serial Number and matching Certificate of Authenticity.

Each luxury controller is hand crafted, custom painted, and painstakingly made specifically for you when the order is placed! Inside the original DualSense packaging you will also receive a FREE Cleaning Cloth and other special promotional items. The unparalleled prestige of a LaZa Modz Luxury Gaming Controller will make any Enthusiast, High-End Collector, or Special Gift Giver very proud. 

    If you select to have your name etched into the controller we place it where it is always visible and easily legible below the Mic Mute Button.

    Examples Below:

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