PS5 *LIMITED EDITION* Spider-Man Miles Morales Controller


Only 1 build allocation available!

The Limited Edition Spider-Man Miles Morales Controller is on a whole other lever!

Featuring Matte Black, High Gloss Webbing, and Red accent Insert. We sprayed our special blend Red over 100% Sterling Silver flake to create the deepest "Kandy LaZa Red" 


We will only be offering ONE of these LIMITED Designs per month. If you see it in stock, grab it before someone else does!

The sheer amount of detail that goes into our custom Spider-Man Miles Morales design makes it a must have for your collection! The combination of both our matte and high gloss finishes create an eye catching look that's simply amazing from every angle. If you are looking to get your hands on the worlds premier custom Spider-Man controller, look no further! We are sure once you receive our Miles Morales design you won't be able to stop looking at it! 

Whether you are planning to put this one in the showcase or get hours of play time out of it, we guarantee it will never loose its luster. This work of art is hand crafted with the industries finest matte and high gloss finishes, allowing for the perfect combination of flat and reflective paint styles to be showcased. 

  • Matte Black and Glossy Red/Black Web Paint Design 
  • Painted Buttons, Dpad
  • Metallic Red Insert 
  • All other options will be added at customers request


If you select to have your name etched into the controller we place it where it is always visible and easily legible below the Mic Mute Button.

Examples Below:

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