PS5 Venom Custom Controller


Only 1 build allocation available!

We are Venom! The Anti-Hero and the diametrical opposite to our favorite Araneid. 

We took a drastic turn from our normal clean and pristine designs to distress or dirty up this one! The solution we came to, is what we are calling, "Symbiote Skin". Take a look at the close ups of this controllers handles. We  have perfectly replicated the inorganic, amorphous, multicellular look of the symbiotic organism.  Resulting in the chaotic, stringy, shape shifting look on this controller. 


You will find new details every time you look at this controller; from the distressed venom logo wrapping around the handles, Venom's face on the touchpad, red PS Button mimicking Venoms tongue, or the layers of Symbiote Skin that cover every corner of the  design. The use of both Matte finishes and High Gloss Buttons make a wonderful, eye catching combination. 

Whether you are planning to put this one in the showcase or get hours of play time out of it, we guarantee it will never loose its luster. This work of art is hand crafted with our proprietary matte and high gloss finishes, allowing for the perfect combination of flat and reflective paint styles. 

  • Venom Theme Paint Design
  • Glossy Black and White Buttons, and D-Pad
  • Matte Black Trim
  • Red PS Button
  • Matte Black Back

If you select to have your name etched into the controller we place it where it is always visible and easily legible below the Mic Mute Button.

Examples Below:

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